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We believe strongly in the mind-body connection. The messages that play in our mind and in the environment have a direct correlation to how we treat our ourselves and each other. This blog - SKIN DEEP -  addresses the myths that we circulate and reimagines what life could be like if we thought and behaved more gracefully towards our skin. Enjoy!


Belly Skin

"I have a confession! I hated my midsection long before I had children. My tummy was never flat and it jiggled a little when I walked. When I got pregnant with my first daughter, I rubbed my belly like Aladdin's lamp with the hope that I wouldn't have stretch marks. But to no avail, I had sagging skin and severe stretch marks. I tried everything to fix what I perceived as a 'problem': crunches, planks, extreme weight loss, and running. But the loose skin was still there. I even resorted to rubbing all types of creams and ointments, and I even tried gimmicks like rubbing vapor rub on my belly and wrapping it with saran wrap.

To say the least, I could barely sleep because my eyes were watering and my nostrils had enough. I bought into the silent yet loud message that promised an instantly amazing curved stomach. I fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

But it didn't work.

Fast forward to today, as the Founder and Creator of Healed Body, I have developed a better relationship with my belly. I have come to believe that healing occurs in layers, and it starts with language. I stopped calling my loose skin a mudflap and affectionately named my stretch marks 'tiger stripes.' I started to view them as a badge of honor for bringing two beautiful women into this world. That is hard work, and the stretch marks serve as a reminder of my contribution to this world.

I don't know who sold us this stupid lie, but I'm not here for it at all. What I am here for is loving every part of our skin, saggy and all. At Healed Body, we believe in addressing not just our skin but also the mind-body connection.

Let's take a moment to reflect on our beliefs about our stomachs or bellies:

- What belief systems do you have about your stomach/belly?

- Who told you that?

- What things have you done to alter that part of your body? (No Judgment Zone)

- What do you need to hear to shift that narrative in your mind?

- What is one thing you can do to start feeling more positive about your midsection?

At Healed Body, we believe in the power of rituals. Having a ritual gives us the space and opportunity to be intentional. Every evening, I take a bath or a shower. Afterward, I sit down and rub my entire body with balm or our glow oil. This is something I watched my mother do for years. No one could make her rush. She massaged and oiled every nook and cranny of her body. As her body changed, she never stopped her ritual. Needless to say, my mother has glorious skin - I digress.

I invite you to use 5-10 minutes after bathing to sit and pay homage to your body through self-massage. By taking a few moments every day to honor the body that is uniquely yours, your energy and mindset towards it will shift.

The next day, you will wake up hydrated and ready to take on the world. Any negative messaging will bounce right off you. Embrace your body, celebrate its journey, and love every part of yourself. You deserve it!"

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