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JaNohn, the owner with her face sitting on her hand, a smirk and looking confidently

If you know nothing else, know this. JaNohn will talk to anyone and, in this case anything. From statues to trees to folks around the world, our Creator and Founder is a lover of words. 


As an avid traveler,  JaNohn keeps her skincare routine simple. Hydrate. Protect. Rest. In planes trains and automobiles, she carry’s a tin of Healed Body Balm and applies as needed, but it’s the evening ritual that keeps her skin smooth.

JaNohn's Evening Ritual:

Prep: 30 minutes before bed, she turns on her favorite jams (Cleo Soul is a fav), lights a Healed Body candle and heads to the shower. Time to signal to body and mind - it’s time to rest.

STEP 1:  Bathe using all natural soap in lukewarm water (3-5 min).


STEP 2: Step out the shower and slather on Healed Body Balm. No towel needed. Let that body air dry.


STEP 3: Brush teeth, wash face and sing into the makeshift hairbrush/microphone.  


STEP 4: Jump into bed (PJs optional).

Image by Chris Lee
A woman laughing with her blouse slightly off her shoulder

With over 20 years in Law Enforcement, Tamara knows how to maintain boundaries and discipline in her work, but when she clocks out the vibe is entirely different. True to her Sagittarius energy, she is  direct, full of energy, driven by freedom and always up to travel. In her many pockets she keeps a tin of Healed Body balm handy. 

She wakes while many of us are on our 5th dream so she needs a system that is fast, effective and long lasting.

STEP 1: Quick shower in warm/hot water.

STEP 2: Lightly dry and allow the air to do the rest.

STEP 3: Using a very small amount of Healed Body Balm, Tamara hits the important spots; elbows, knees and pelvic region.

Grabbing a larger dollop she quickly massages the larger (arms, stomach and legs) areas with balm.


That's it! Easy peezy, lemon squeezy.

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