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Frequently Asked Questions

  • My balm has changed texture and/or there are little white dots on the surface of my unused product.
    What you have is an all natural product. It changes texture if the temperature or environment changes.
  • My balm doesn’t smell exactly the same as the last batch I received.
    While we do comply with IFRA guidelines, our products are handmade. Occasionally there are slight variances in color and fragrance.
  • What happens if my balm gets wet?
    Do you remember what happened to Magwais when you get water on them? They turn into Gremlins. Movie reference aside, most of our products are anhydrous, meaning they are made without the use of water. Water requires a different process for development and in some cases preservatives. Our products are preservative free. Don’t put water in any Healed Body product.
  • How long can I have my Balm, or Oil?
    Both are shelf stable for up to one year. But remember! Don’t get water in the jar. Keep it out of the sun. This is why our jars are black - keep the goodness in.
  • Can I use balm in the summer?
    You sure can, but we don’t recommend leaving it in a hot car. That can get messy real quick. Below 75 degrees F is the best.
  • Can I use balm on my young child?
    Yes! We have members of our Healed Body tribe as young as 3 years old.. First and always, perform a skin test for at least 24 hours AND do not mix with other lotions or oils.
  • Can I use this on my hair, beard, eyebrows?
    Heck Yea! Folks share wonderful stories about the creative way they use our product. We ALWAYS recommend testing the area for sensitivity first!
  • Can I use a Healed Body on my genitals or as a lubricant?
    Nope! We love that you are getting down with the get down, but this product is NOT for spicy time. We have members of the Healed Body use balm, oil and scrub on the mons pubis area. Some men even use it on the testes. Do not use it on lips (mouth), genitalia or eyelids.
  • Can I use Healed Body Balm or Oil in lieu of sunscreen?
    Nope! Zinc oxide and titanium and dioxide are the foundations of sunscreen. While shea butter naturally has a bit of SPF, it is NOT enough to combat the effects of long term sun exposure. Good skincare occurs in layers. Cover. Protect. Moisturize.
  • I have a fresh tattoo, can I put balm on it?
    Kinda! We highly advise following the advice of your skilled skin artisan. Once your tattoo heals THEN you can put balm on it. This will aid in additional healing and maintenance of your color. We recommend a scrub, balm, oil combo to keep it super fresh.
  • I used my product and I do not like it.
    That is unfortunate and we want you to have the best experience. Please review our Return Policy ( We are also happy to chat with you about a product that may suit you better.
  • Where is the product shipping from?
    We have two shipping locations; Chicago and Atlanta. Product is usually received 2-4 business days from order.
  • Do you ship Internationally?
    Yes, but it will require the proper export controls and documentation per your country. It will also extend our standard shipping time from 2-4 business days to 10-12.
  • Do you allow clients to customize fragrances or swap ingredients?
    Yes! We love custom requests. Custom work requires a conversation. It will take longer to mix a personal batch. Once mixed, the product non-refundable and non-cancellable.
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