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Our Journey


 An eczema-riddled child, and damaged skin, led to expensive creams and steroids seemed to be the only solution. JaNohn becomes a kitchen chemist.


With the mantra of sharing is caring, the kitchen concoction we now know as Healed Body Balm is given to family and friends as gifts, healing all manner of skin ailments with ease.


JaNohn toys with the idea of turning her kitchen concoction into a business. Life was lifing and she didn't do it. A dream deferred.


Tamara and her family empower JaNohn by coming alongside her to build the emerging empire of Healed Body. Sometimes, you just need some support to see a new reality.

Welcome To A Healed Body

At Healed Body, we have a deep passion for your skin. We recognize that your skin, being your largest organ, is often misunderstood, mistreated, and subject to judgment. It is not simply dry, flaky, oily, mature, or acne-prone; it is a messenger with a message for change.

In a world filled with butters, we proudly present ourselves as a balm. But what sets us apart? Balms are renowned for their thickness and high concentration of active ingredients. This higher concentration enables greater efficacy, compact packaging, and versatile application. Our personal experiences have taught us the power of using that balm-like hot sauce, putting it on everything.

Our non-traditional backgrounds empower us to create a skincare world that celebrates the inherent beauty within. We stand for:

  • Supporting all gender expressions

  • Being a Black-Women-Owned business

  • Focusing on holistic healing

  • Valuing experiences over fleeting trends

  • Rejecting the notion of anti-aging

  • Resisting the label of a cosmetic company

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