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We believe strongly in the mind-body connection. The messages that play in our mind and in the environment have a direct correlation to how we treat our ourselves and each other. This blog - SKIN DEEP -  addresses the myths that we circulate and reimagines what life could be like if we thought and behaved more gracefully towards our skin. Enjoy!


Did You Touch Yourself Today?

A women touching heart and womb with peace and eyes closed.
The ritual of love lives within you.

Well, hello there, you daring souls ready to dive into the delicious world of self-indulgence and self-care! Hold onto your thoughts because we're about to explore a practice that's all about touching yourself in a way that nurtures your body, rekindles your spirit, and leaves you feeling like the sensual superstar you are. Ready to unravel the mysteries of Abhyanga? Let's dive in, and let those good vibes roll.

Pause for a moment, fellow seekers of serenity, and let's have an intimate chat about the true meaning of self-care. In a world that's constantly shouting, "Go, go, go!", it's time to hush the chaos and listen to the whispers of your body, mind, and soul. Today, we're journeying into a practice that's as soothing as it is seductive – the timeless art of Abhyanga.

A Symphony of Sensations:

Before we dive into the magic of Abhyanga, can we just take a moment to appreciate the buzz around self-care? It's like the universe is reminding us to slow down, take a breath, and lavish some attention on our well-deserving selves. But here's the twist – self-care isn't just about face masks and bubble baths; it's about a deeper connection, an intimate rendezvous with your own being.

Abhyanga: Unveiling the Secrets:

Now, let's talk about Abhyanga – a term that's as enchanting to say as the practice itself. Ah-bhee-yahn-gah – say it with me, let each syllable roll off your tongue like a gentle caress. An ayuervedic practice of self massage aimed to center the mind and connect the spirit. This is where the magic happens, a ritual that's all about self-massage using a warm elixir of Healed Body Glow Oil. Imagine a slow, deliberate touch that awakens every inch of your skin and makes you feel truly alive.

The Dance of Preparation:

Before you begin this journey, it's time to set the stage. Warm that bottle of Healed Body Glow Oil using the double boiler method, lay down a towel or yoga mat, and consider your attire. Your birthday suit, anyone? It's the perfect attire for this sensual adventure.

The Intimate Ritual Unveiled:

As you hold that warm bottle of elixir in your hands, let the earthy fragrance of the oil envelop you. Rub it onto your skin with purpose, from the crown of your head to the tips of your toes. Luxuriate in the sensations, feel the stress melt away, and let your fingers dance with intent, especially around those tantalizing lymph nodes. Pay close and special attention to parts that fail to receive touch often, the ears, armpits, behind the knee and ankles. Take in every nook and cranny of you.

A Symphony of Sensations:

But wait, there's more! Picture yourself in a dimly lit room, candles flickering, and soft music caressing your ears. It's a sensory escapade, a symphony of sensations that elevates this practice to an art form. And hey, having your favorite tea or coffee nearby adds that extra touch of indulgence.

A Sensual Invitation:

And here's a saucy thought – why not share this ritual with a partner? Imagine the sparks flying as you both indulge in the art of Abhyanga. Who knows, it might even be the prelude to an evening that's about to get a little spicy – wink, wink!

Why Abhyanga? Because You Deserve It:

As you bask in the delight of this self-care dance, remember the benefits it brings. From improved circulation and organ function to hair that seems to have a newfound lustre – Abhyanga is more than a ritual; it's a testament to how beautifully you're nurturing your own body and soul.

A Virtual Hug and Kiss:

If you've journeyed with me this far, I'm sending you a virtual hug and a smooch – *muah*! You've embraced the journey of self-discovery, and that's no small feat.

So, darlings, in the spirit of staying oh-so-sexy and embracing the sensuality within, let's make a pact. Grab that Healed Body Glow Oil, dim the lights, and let your fingers create a symphony of self-love and indulgence. You deserve every exquisite touch, every moment of blissful self-connection.

Stay sexy, stay sensuous, and let your touch be a celebration of the incredible being you are.

With all my glow,

Ja’Nohn 💋

If you found your way to the end of this saucy journey, you're a true explorer of sensation and self-love. So, will you seize the power of Abhyanga and embrace your sensual essence? The choice is yours, and the possibilities are endless!


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